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Are you easily distracted? I know I am! I could watch Rachel Pederson on YouTube all afternoon. She is the Queen of Social Media and has SO many amazing tutorials and hacks when it comes to boosting your social media! I’ve learned so much from her! Neil Patel is another great guy I could watch for hours! I recently jumped on to his marketing school podcast. If you want a great read, he has a great blog post on how to generate 100 blog content ideas in 60 seconds (seriously!), you should bookmark for later! I love sharing the resources I have learned so much from!

When you’re starting your own business there’s always so much going on and it’s hard to remain focused when you want to market yourself, some days it’s easy to get into a mental mind funk and lose your entire day! Your motivation goes out the window and the last thing you want is to sit down for two hours and batch a month of content creation! After a recent health crisis, I’ve been on my path of recovery the past 6 weeks (more on my Insta about this) and it was a very scary and eye-opening time for me and my family. The one good thing that has come out of it has been me gaining clarity on what direction I want to go in my business and in my life in general. Part of that is to help new mompreneurs and at-home small business owners gain tips to SAVE TIME sharing everything I can after my 15 years in the corporate world as a C-Level EA, my marketing background, and my recent experience being a VA. You can replace full-time income and manage to fit in working fewer hours, your kids, your family, and everything else!

OK, back to it! Time is precious!

There’s always a strategy to using content marketing as part of your social media, and it’s just as important as the tools that you use for your clients. Adding this to my future blog post list now…

REMEMBER, always try and think like your ideal client – ask yourself these questions…and write down what comes to mind, these are all IDEAS to expand on!

  • Who seeks out to find your product your service?
  • Why would they look you up on Google?
  • What struggles are they facing?
  • What will make their day better?
  • What solution are they trying to find?
  • What questions are they asking themselves?
  • Why would they seek out your services product?

In order to keep your social content calendar full and consistent, you need high converting ideas to keep flowing! In order for the ideas to keep flowing sometimes, it helps to break categories down to fit with your industry or business niche. You then have lots more content to work with and it becomes more valuable to keep your ideal audience coming back!

Photo by Aman Pal on Unsplash

Here’s what I’ve broken down for you. 15 social media ideas to promote YOU and your small business!

Re-introduce Yourself – Consider this every 4-6 months, depending on your new followers and how consistent you are with your posting schedule!

Feature a Team Member – People want to see what you are all about, who you work with is a great post idea, the more the merrier if you have a team!

Celebrate a Milestone – always share and celebrate your success stories. Inspires and motivates others!

Promote a Launch – If you have an E-book, new course, new product or line of items, new service you’re offering – launch it, but plan the launch first, a series of posts leading up to the initial launch!

Follow-only Flash Sale – Popular on Instagram, this really helps build your following and gets the algorithm working in your favour as you are asking them to follow you, and tag others to do the same!

Promote a Sale or Discount – everyone loves a good sale, remember to use a high-quality image.

Run a Challenge or Contest – use a unique hashtag and ask your followers to join in with you on a challenge, asking them to post and tag you. Could be a fitness challenge, seasonal contest, make it fun and entertaining!

Run a Giveaway – you’ve seen it many times and it works! Everyone loves a good giveaway! Great way to gain more followers and engagement on your social platforms.

Testimonial – everyone wants to know you are legit and know what you are talking about, so show them by posting words or a short video of a past client talking about working with you. Just get in touch and ask them, they can only say no, but in my experience, they haven’t!

Highlight a Case Study – Do a post about a client project and pinpoint the problem and solution and how it was a success!

Most Popular Product or Service – have a look at your insights and analytics, see what post had the most engagement and comments from? Rewrite the post, or share something similar!

Why You Are Unique – think about what you offer and how do you stand out versus your competition? How are you different? Focus on that and highlight it!

New Product or Service – do have a new product or service you’re offering? Let people know? Go one step further, ask your audience

Free Download or Resource – always my first suggestion when trying to build an email list or find clients. You need to give something of value and for FREE.

Reshare Popular Content – look at your analytics and see which post had a high-performing piece of content and repurpose, rewrite and reshare!

I’ll be posting different content ideas by categories starting with this one – Promote Yourself!

So stay tuned and add me to your reading list on your preferred RSS feeder or blog browser like Feedly which I love (and it’s FREE) and stay tuned for the next one!

I love helping out other entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that are just starting out their at-home small business. I’m all about saving time and using it to our advantage in order to live happier, more fulfilled lives and getting the most out of the day, especially being a busy mom of two! Check out my recent blog post, 6 Ways Time Blocking Your Day Will Make You Happier. this is the first step!

If you found this helpful, save it for later and let me know what else I could help with, I might just include it in a future blog!

Thanks for stopping by!


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