Boneyard Racers Goes International (Today!), and Brimstone Pictures Gives Us More!

Over the past 18 months, it’s received 18 film awards, 3 writing awards, and is now hitting international streaming through Shorts TVBoneyard Racers has outperformed all of its expectations and has proven the credibility and creative barrier-breaking capabilities of the cast and crew at Brimstone Pictures.

“It’s the little short that could! We really didn’t expect much to come out of making this film. It was just about trying our craft because it is what we love to do!” explained Preston Ewasiuk, Producer and Co-Founder, “Being approached by Shorts TV was unexpected but we are happy to show the world what we are capable of doing.”

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, really. After gaining so many accolades and notoriety from film festivals all around the world, Boneyard Racers hits the global platform today, which makes this short film horror in well deserved demand to the public just in time for Halloween.

“The thing about short films is that there is less pressure and expectations, leaving more room for creative experimenting and fun. Boneyard Racers was supposed to be a self-contained little story but after releasing it, people kept asking for more! This helped open doors, credibility, and funding for our next film, Spin The Wheel”, says Writer, Director and Co-Founder, Neil Chase.

Spin The Wheel is going to share that same unique story telling and supernatural/horror-esque creativity with some dark humored relief, but this time it will be a full feature film and now, the fans will get exactly what they want – more!

Neil:Spin The Wheel needed a budget, and that is exactly what Boneyard Racers was able to help provide for us. It opened doors to funding so we could do things the way we wanted to; pay the actors and put as much money as we could into production.

We wanted to try something different with this film. While most disaster movies focus on a hero going on a grand adventure, we thought, what happens to everyone else who isn’t the hero of the story?”

Preston: “The thing is that our circles are very diverse with our everyday lives, with a wide swath of characters from different walks of life. It was very important to have relatable characters that are representative of people we may know.”

Neil: “So, we asked ourselves and many people this question: If you knew the world was ending in the next hour or two, and you couldn’t get to your friends or family for whatever reason, what would you do? I would find the nearest bar and go get drunk, and that was the number one answer from everyone we posed the question to! Then we based the film on a group of ‘regular people’ doing that very thing.”

Preston: “And then, of course, there is a supernatural twist. What if some mysterious person came into the bar and proposed a game of Russian Roulette, where if this group were to defeat the host, the world could go back to normal? On one hand, it’s the end of the world, so does it matter if they win or lose (die), or does it become a thriller based on ordinary people trying to save the world?”

Spin The Wheel is already gaining attention and accolades from its script, (Winner – Action on Film Festival, Finalist – Most Important Films and Scripts in the World, Finalist – Las Vegas Screenwriting Competition, Quarter-Finalist – Academy Nicholl Fellowships, Finalist – GenreBlast Film Festival, Second Round – Austin Film Festival), which is proving its value as a full featured independent film and it’s not even out yet!

Brimstone Pictures should not only be acknowledged for their emphasis on writing and creativity, but also for working with local talent and musicians. Spin The Wheel features some great bands such as Striker, Punch Drunk Cabaret, Colleen Rae and Daniel Martin and The Infamous. They continuously strive to offer a platform for Albertans and say that they “will continue to keep on creating and building alliances here, to give Alberta-based independent film and industry personnel a showcase and work.”

Spin The Wheel is currently in post-production and is getting ready to enter the festival circuit, and they are aiming for distribution in 2023.

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