BBRF Halloween Bash

The folks at the Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival sure know how to show their volunteers a great time! The Festival hosted its volunteers at their annual Beaumont’s Best Halloween Bash this past Friday, which is also its annual Volunteer Appreciation party!

Each Festival volunteer and guest had free admission to the party, which the public can also purchase tickets for. The party featured live music from three – local to Edmonton and Beaumont – bands – Echo Creek, Shaguar and RadioActive. Echo Creek is a wonderful new band featuring country vibes and rotating lead singers, which made for a wonderful selection of music to listen to. Shaguar features fusion covers of punk, ska, and pop songs blended with a heavy dollop of rockabilly. RadioActive brilliantly covers modern and classic rock that you can sing and dance along with. A fun evening full of dancing was enjoyed by so many folks! Attendees also were able to participate in contests, displaying their finest Halloween costumes!

Volunteers are such a large part of the music scene across Canada, and most festivals would not be able to operate without the helping hands of their volunteers. The Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival’s management is hugely appreciative of what their volunteers do for them, and this party is just one small way to show that appreciation. Find out more about the Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival (BBRF) at www.bbrf.ca and if you’d like to volunteer keep an eye on their socials for when shift selection opens!

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