ESFF Red Carpet Gala - Edmonton Short Film Festival

The 2022 Edmonton Short Film Festival Red Carpet Gala – Film List

The 2022 Edmonton Short Film Festival - Film List

The Edmonton Short Film Festival’s Red Carpet Gala and Long Shorts event is coming up on October 15th and 16th at the Metro Cinema Theatre, with a fabulous selection of short films to indulge in. For those who would like to have a bit of an idea of what each short is about, we’ve compiled below the titles, directors and brief descriptions of each of the films that have been selected by the Festival for showing at the Gala. 

Tango Through Life
This dynamic short of puppet animation by Canadian director Zsofia Opra-Szabo is exploring how every interaction with others affects and changes us. These experiences are being presented in a unique way through Tango dance.

Clowning Around
This short film by Alberta award-winning writer-director Kylie Hitchcock follows the story of a young woman who must overcome her lifelong phobia to be with the man she has fallen madly in love with.

Hearth of the Lion
Calgary filmmaker and artist Vicki Van Chau brings us this gorgeous short featuring three brothers skillfully demonstrating powerful lion movements and the fire of the wok hearth.

Early Birds
This delightful animated tale by Edmonton’s own Cole Stevenson, is of a small penguin who tries to find a friend to play with.

The Guardian | The Orbs’ Archive
B.C. filmmaker Aaron Glanfield’s short tells of the adventures of Raddix and Emma in a post-apocalyptic world.

Only Here on Loan
This fun, delightfully creative, King of Foxes music video is directed by award winning Canadian theatre and drag legend Darrin Hagen.

The Final Exam
Directors Beth Wishart MacKenzie and Ibrahim Cin’s short tackles a situation where religion and educational requirement can create a situation where creative thinking can provide a way to work together.

Pastry man
By Director Carlo Ghioni.

Lift Me Up: the Story of a Band in a Pandemic
This is a greatly received – deservedly so – documentary about Edmonton’s own Ayla Brook & The Sound Men, directed and edited by the exceptional talent Eden Munro.

Director Matt Prazak brings us the story of a mother and daughter who embark on a road trip to locate a prized family possession with sentimental value.

Waiting On Love
The film’s hero discovers a man is proposing to his gal, so he tries to help him out by magically producing the ring, and disaster quickly ensues. It looks like award winning director Clare Mullen shot this gem in Fort Edmonton Park!

This awesome music video by director Adriel (Strenneth) Rosenfeldt is for musician Robin Cisek’s song of the same name and takes its inspiration from sci-fi media and futuristic tech-wear styles to illustrate the individualized and very personal struggle with mental health.

Tomorrow remains
Calgary director Maedeh Mosaverzadeh’s produces magical thoughtful visual art and illustrations; vignettes of people, plants, nature and animals.

Ts’oostsitsi (Years Ago)
Blackfoot director Adam Solway’s documentary tells of Ike Solway’s responsibility to continue storytelling in his family. With recounting a powerful experience had by his grandfather, Ike shares a story that echoes through generations.

Writer’s Block
A tiny elephant doodle is the manifestation of a student’s ‘writer’s block’ in this short by director Vinson Chan.

Johnny Crow
Directors Xstine Cook and Jesse Gouchey’s short tells of a poetic and transformative journey of a young man’s physical, mental and spiritual struggle to return to his son through the criminal justice system and the layers of colonization it represents. This incredible piece of animation consists of each frame painted, by Gouchey, on large outdoor surfaces across numerous locations over a period of seven years. 

Adventures in Chemistry: Heart of Silver
This time-lapse video and animation is by Albertan director and science teacher Reuben Mahaffy, showing silver crystals growing on a copper wire after silver nitrate is added to distilled water. This is all beautifully shot through a microscope displaying chemistry at an atomic level.

This COVID inspired story by directors Kelsey Andries and Noah Fallis explores necessities with a cross-cultural twist. We all have “necessities” and will go to great measures to fulfill them. 

Hard Not To Love
Edmonton’s Ty Ferguson directed and edited Lise’s touching ‘Hard Not To Love’ music video.

Both the Red Carpet Gala on October 15th and the 
“Long Shorts” on October 16th will be running at the Metro Theatre. Visit the Edmonton Short Film Festival’s website to find out more and get your tickets!

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