Muse Memberships and FAQ

Muse Memberships are $5 a month or $55 a year, and include the following:
– All new releases of songs and videos will be uploaded to our playlists on YouTube, YTMusic and Spotify. These playlists will be promoted regularly, with our goal being more plays which means more views and royalties for you! All you will have to do is send them to us through our form.
– Access to workshops and webinars with Muse Member Exclusives included
– Exclusive Muse Member pricing on services offered (like hiring one of our writers!) and in the shop (coming soon!)
– Exclusive Muse Member deals with partners and sponsors
– Muse Member Directory Listing, so people can find you

**Please note that all video and song submissions must be of professional quality. Some restrictions may apply**

What the FAQ?!

Q: Why do you charge a membership fee?
A: Our goal is to be a platform that lifts up and offers opportunities to our independent arts, culture and entertainment scenes. Your membership fee will go into the creation of more opportunities and promotions for our members as a collective, cooperative entity.

Q: What will Muse Canada Inc not promote?
A: Muse Canada Inc is an inclusive platform. We will not promote sexism, racism, or any form of hate and hate speech.

Q: Why does my content have to be professional to make it onto the playlists and platform?
A: Muse Canada Inc is a professional platform that is in pursuit of helping artists boost their careers and audiences as professionals. Some exceptions may apply.

Q: Why do you ask people to hire your writers?
A: Writers are artists and we are all about supporting professionalism in the industry! We believe every artist deserves to get paid for their work!

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