Sound Sugar Radio Kicks Off Year 3!

Take a look at that group of shiny happy people would ya? Just who are these smiling pals, surrounded by all that sound equipment? Why they are just some of the hard working, fun loving staff over at Sound Sugar Radio. Sound Sugar Radio? Who is that? Well just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale……..no wait, wrong group of adventurers. Grab your favourite drink and let me tell you about the best online radio station in Alberta.

Once upon a time, a group of pals came together and wanted to create something unique. Meet Bill Roberts, Cheryl Salter-Roberts, Christine Cameron, Darryl Cameron and Paul Huculak. These super talented humans are already talented in other areas – namely theatre, music and voice overs – but they felt like something was missing. They put those big beautiful brains together and created Sound Sugar Radio, Alberta’s newest online radio station.

Sound Sugar Radio has the slogan “Candy for your ears.” Sounds cheesy? Maybe. But if you head on over to soundsugarradio.com and listened live, it’s guaranteed you’d hear some pop, some country, some rock, some Indigenous, some blues, some jazz, some house, some hip hop, well I think you get the point. SSR plays absolutely everything! In fact, they make it incredibly easy for artists to get their music on the station. Under the “contact” label, you’ll see the “artist submissions” tab and viola! 

Other than the great music, SSR also has a roster of a la podcast style types of shows. On any given day, you will hear some of Edmonton and area’s most charming voices on the airwaves. Need a belly laugh – head to League Of Legends on Tuesday at noon. Need a few writing tips from a pro – head to The Writers’ Block on Sunday at 10am. Need to hear the two fellas that started it all – head to Bill & Paul Face The Music Thursday at 7pm. And if you think, oh Rebecca how will I possibly remember all of that? You don’t have to! If you head to soundsugarradio.com, check under the “events” label and you’ll see the “calendar” tab – the who, what and when of each show. As far as the where is concerned, all hosts are self produced, which means that they have their own equipment and put their shows together without a studio! And why? Shoot them an email and ask them! They’re really quite friendly.

But the feather in this station’s cap has to be the love that they show their local communities. SSR prides itself on playing the most local music out of all the radio stations in Alberta put together and they sure do follow through. If you’re listening (and you should be), it’s not long before you can hear the latest Hailey Benedict or Martin Kerr or The Confusionaires or Letters From Pluto or Spenny and the Jets, again the list goes on. Chances are high that you can hear an artist on the airwaves that you saw in concert at a pub the week before!

This hearty team has been waiting to get out into the community once it became safe to do so. Using their voices to be cheerleaders for others, is something this station does well. In August they went live on the air with Strathcona County Musem & Archives to chat about their upcoming season. They support charity initiatives, local organizations and events that require a charming personality. Just wait until you see how the get Santa on board every year.

Sure starting a brand new adventure during a pandemic means it got a slow start, but you better not count Sound Sugar Radio out. In fact, it sounds like year 3 is gonna be their best one yet! I hear the gift for year 3 is leather. Make sure you grab some and put down the date of that birthday party! Chances are you’ll hear that date when you listen to soundsugarradio.com   

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